Order Golf Carts Online Warranty

ICON® EV’s (Manufacturer) warrants every EPIC Carts marked golf truck sold by Order Golf Carts Online  or any of its approved vendors or wholesalers around the world, to be liberated from abandons for a time of a long time from the date of offer. Inside the guarantee time period, dependent upon the issues recorded underneath, Order Golf Carts Online  will fix or supplant the golf truck and additionally parts of the golf truck on the off chance that the parts being referred to are deficient in materials or workmanship.

Order Golf Carts Online  puts stock in and values quality assembling. Would it be advisable for you at any point experience a potential guarantee issue with one of our items, kindly reach us utilizing the contact structure beneath. Finish up our contact structure with a concise clarification of the issue you are having and we will rapidly act quickly. We guarantee to put forth a valiant effort to determine your guarantee issue as fast as could be expected, all while giving the best client assistance in the business.